Standigm Expands Global Footprints with New Office in Cambridge, UK

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- SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Standigm, a leading workflow AI drug discovery company, today announced the opening of a new office in Cambridge, United Kingdom ("UK"), to accommodate the company’s rapid growth in the European market.

Founded in 2015, Standigm has proprietary technology including AI platforms encompassing novel target identification to novel compound design to generate commercially valuable drug pipelines. The company now collaborates with multiple global partners, including Milner Therapeutics Institute, University of Cambridge.

With its corporate headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, the opening of this new office in Cambridge is consistent with Standigm’s growth strategy to deepen its global footprints and it will enable Standigm to have a physical presence in the European market. This office will cover the European region for Standigm, to discover global partners for its target identification research. 

"Europe is a significant region for us in that it is a global hub in target identification where leading players in this field are forming a cluster and collaborations with each other are continuing active. Our target identification AI platform has proven its innovativeness with a recent growing number of global partners we collaborate with," said Hee Jung Koo, Head of the UK office, adding «Proximity to these partners is, therefore, becoming increasingly important, and the opening of our UK office is yet another step towards achieving our goal to make AI drug discovery the standard in the pharmaceutical industry.»

About Standigm

Standigm is a workflow AI-driven drug discovery company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Standigm has proprietary AI platforms encompassing novel target identification to compound design, to generate commercially valuable drug pipelines. Founded in 2015, Standigm has established an early-stage drug discovery workflow AI to generate multiple First-in-Class compounds within seven months. Pursuing full-stack, AI-driven industrializing drug discovery, Standigm has achieved the automation of molecular design workflow through DarkMolFactory™, and the automation effort has been expanding to the whole drug discovery process on the basis of Standigm AI platforms, including Standigm ASK™ for novel target discovery, Standigm BEST™ for novel compound generation, and Standigm Insight™ for drug repurposing. Learn more at


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Sang Ah Lee / Public Relations OfficerEmail: sangah.lee@standigm.comPhone: +82-2-501-8118

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Hee Jung Koo / Head of the UK officeEmail: heejung.koo@standigm.comPhone: +44-7538-646-288Address: 02-120, WeWork 50-60, Station Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB1 2JH, UK

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